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Creating the Unexpected

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By Chef Domenic Chiaromonte

Chef Domenic Chiaromonte is an award-winning chef who has not only developed a mastery for creating digestible works of art but he can transform a simple dish into an extraordinary event. Learn how to be inspired and create your own masterpieces. From a small intimate party at your home to a large event, these dishes will make your event the one that your guests talk about long after their last bite. For those readers who know Dom, this book will really not surprise you as his ideas have always been original and cutting edge. For those of you who don't know Dom, welcome to the wonderful, creative, fascinating and imaginative world of Domenic Chiaromonte. Open yourselves up to his extraordinary ideas and be ready to be fascinated by, without a doubt, one of the most creative chefs you will ever meet.

This item comes with a bonus CD full of extra materials from Chef Domenic.

Hardcover; 128 pages; 9"w x 9"h